Fun Work Outfit 

Some days I have to get super creative with what I can wear. Being a woman with tattoos that go half way down my arms I have to be cautious! I am an office manager for a non-profit and so I have to stay professional, I battle with myself because I LOVE COLOR. I love patterns and I love being a little funky so this is a post is about how to keep your spice and look nice!
Today’s outfit was complements of Poppy store on main st. down town Klamath Falls! The brand of the shirt is Johnnywas and the shoes are Tieks.

Let’s talk tieks… I was so excited to receive my first pair of tieks however, they began to peel… they are a pricey handmade Italian leather flat that are designed for the busy girl… unfortunately I think I might be too busy for my tieks! Love the shoes disappointed in the longevity!

Johnny was is a beautifully hand stitched top!! This is my absolute go to top and it is the most comfortable/flattering thing I own. My boyfriends mom gave it to me for a birthday present and hands down it is the best thing I’ve owned!

Questions??? Shoot and email to me!

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