Small Town Friday

It’s Friday and that means it is time to get ready for the weekend! Do you ever wonder what to do when you live in a small town? I live in a town that has very little to do when it comes to having a successful Friday night! So, every Friday I will be posting about what we (me & David) are going to be doing… We do anything from nothing to traveling 70 miles for dinner, it is always something new! David is my lovely boyfriend that goes out and about with me on these extravaganzas, he keeps things fun. Between the two of us there is always something to do! Hopefully we can give some ideas on what to do when you live in a small town!

This Friday night, we have decided to play some games (celebrity, cards etc.) and go on a date! In a small town there are not many date ideas, so we have a pretty basic game plan but we will be spicing it up just for fun! So we are luck enough to have some restaurants that are delicious here in town! We get creative and do different styles of date night, for example.. some date nights we will be very simple and have a simple dinner and call it a day. But, then we have a nice fancy date night every once in a while that we elect to go to the movies on these nights we like to dress a little nicer then as if we were just going out for dinner. Sometimes when you just change the casualty of a date it makes it new! I look forward to these kind of dates because they are something I didn’t wear throughout the day and I get to dress up a little.  This is a simple but fun adjustment and it leads to keeping things exciting…

Happy Friday folks, I will get back to you tomorrow morning!;)

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