Wilderness Hike

Hi all,

If you are a true Oregonian staying inside is a challenge when the weather is good. With the log weekend at hand David and I decided to use it to our advantage. We went on territory we haven’t been on before. 

Here in southern Oregon we are incredibly blessed with endless mountains and trails. One of those trails is a loopy around multiple volcanoes, it’s called th mountain lakes wilderness trails. On Saturday we elected to go out and explore. 

Some tips for an area like this:

  • Bring bug spray; I cannot stress this enough!! Even if you don’t believe in store bought bug spray make some organic repellant using Doterra essential oils (recipe will be posted.) 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Having hiking boots that are water repellant are key when hiking in Oregon. We have extremely long winters so there is always a chance of moisture in the mountains. Comfortable shoes that are water repellant will save you from being uncomfortable. My hiking boot of choice are the keen ankle high water repellant boot. 
  • Extra socks, again it’s almost garunteed there will be moisture. They need to be good socks though!! Wool are always my first choice because they are durable and thick. By bringing extra socks you will be saving yourself from blisters making you hike more enjoyable.
  • First aide kit; this is super important especially if you’re a solo hiker. Being able to prepare for a fall or injury will be essential if you’re by yourself.
  • Bringing snacks, having snacks will keep your energy up! This is important because you’re burning a lot of calories while hiking! Having snacks will keep your energy and blood glucose at a good level. 
  • Water, water, water!!!!!!!! DONT FORGET OR SKIP WATER

I hope you all find this helpful! Opt outside and enjoy the area you live.



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