A simple thank you.

This  is to some of the women that have made me who I am. This post will mention people who are a part of my journey.


To start I will talk about someone special. She was fearless, she did not know what the feeling of fear was. I remember the first time I met her, I told her my dreams and she believed in them. I had never met anyone with more fire in their spirit then this woman. The last conversation I had with her she asked me what my next step was. She was always the most interested person in the room, she was a woman that dreamed of befriending Sasquatch and only knew kindness and unconditional friendship.

The next would be my mother. My mother had started off in an nontraditional way, but made the best of her situation. Not only did she not graduate high school but she had three kids before the age of 24. She was the best mom a girl could ask for, she would play dress up with me, and teach me responsibility. She could tell you how big of a pain I was, but she would also tell you how much she loves me. After many trials, she pursued her dreams not listening to the negativity being thrown at her, she did not fear the steep road ahead. She embraces fear and shows it love. My mom is now graduating college with her bachelors, and is doing what she loves. She did not only teach me how to be a strong woman, but she taught me how to love. I resisted this emotion for so long, until it took the right person to soften me. I have my mom to thank for those delayed emotions.

My nana has a special spot in my heart, she is a southern firecracker that has always had my back. When I hear of people talk about their nana I cannot help but think “mine is better.” My nana has been my favorite person and best friend for as long as I can remember, I can talk to her about anything and everything and she will always answer my phone call. My nana is the one I have to thank for my morals, AKA my cleanliness and OCD 😉 (just kidding) I have her to thank for always keeping god close in my heart and always in the back of my mind helping me work through a problem.

My sister, is incredible. She is a mother of 3 and boy are her kids beautiful!!! I have never admired my sister more then I do now. As the little sister I used to always boss her around, but now I find that she was only letting me do that. My sister is my rock and my safe space, I love my sister and the woman she has become. I cannot wait to see her path as she goes, she has had a rocky path and only deserves the best.

My aunts, these women are the coolest people I know. Both of my aunts are the most incredible and hilarious women I have ever met! I know that if I am spending time with those two I will always laugh till my stomach hurts. Shawna, is home. She is just my person. Rebecca, is my go to for advice. I know that I can go to these women and ask them for a kidney and they would say “I have two.”

Without these strong women, I would not be who I am today, and so this post is to tell the world how amazing you are.

Thank you, for being the women that structured who I am today.


Kelsey & Dot

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