How to be a straight A student

So, lately I have felt like I cannot catch my breath. I have been running 1 million miles a minute and can’t seem to find any zen. Right now I am working full time and taking a full load of classes. The difference is that these classes are condensed into 4 weeks, so they are three days a week and 3 hours a piece! YIKES!!!

I wanted to give some tips on how I have been dealing with this, and still managing to keep everything straight. During spring break I read a book called “How to be a straight A student” by Cal Newton it changed my entire world. This book talked about how to manage your time so that you weren’t spending extra time doing unnecessary studying and different strategies about how to study and learn material in a more qualitative way.

When life is as busy as working full time and going to school full time you have to find what keeps you on track. Some of the BIG ticket items were:

  • Having a planner that lines up with your life! For me, I use the Passion Planner. I love this planner because not only does it help me keep track of my school work but it also helps me keep track of my dreams and personal goals. Go to for more information
  • Having an organized work station. This one is HUGE because staying on track and focusing is largely influenced by the environment you are doing your homework in! If you are studying in chaos, you will most likely have to review that topic later on. If you are studying in a location that has just the right amount of noise (if any) you are more likely to remember it!
  • Tell anyone who will listen about what you are learning. The best way I remember things is by telling everyone and anyone what I am learning about. I try and teach them what I am learning about because that requires me to critically think about what the subject is.
  • Write it down, coding things will not help you. The only exception for this is is you have lots of experience coding your notes and you have it down to a science. If you end up coding all of your notes without a key you will not be able to study what was actually taught. You will then spend more time trying to figure out what you wrote then you will actually studying the material.
  • Set goals, and have rewards. I set goals everyday. If I accomplish my goals I reward myself with a walk, spending time with David or watching TV. Whatever I am up for that evening/weekend! It is so important to reward yourself when you are working hard!

“How to be a straight A student” saved my student career. Passion planner keeps me focused on my end goals. Looking at the road ahead I see an extremely steep one, but by brain mapping and writing out the steps going one at a time has helped me reduce my anxiety and control my life a little more.

Tell me about what you are doing this summer, if you’re in school tell me what your strategies are!


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