I am a Gardner. Within the last few years I have taken this passion of mine and brought it to life. When it comes to flowers and food I am overcome with joy, the entire process of planting, nurturing and harvest gives me joy. I have always been a woman that loved flowers, but now I have been able to turn this obsession into a production. 

The vegetables that I grow are not for sale, they are for people that need the food, or simply want to enjoy them. I believe sharing food or flowers is like sharing a part of yourself. When you grow something you put a part of yourself with it, otherwise the product will not be abundant. 

In this photo, I was harvesting the zucchini and squash from my garden at work. Every Monday I spend hours with our crew working in the dirt and loving on the crops. Ever drop of sweat was worth the joy I felt when I saw my first zucchini. 

Having something you’re passionate about and get intrinsic joy from is worth more than anything I’ve ever had. If I could be digging in the dirt everyday I would. 



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