Mini vacation in a big place

Tonight, I am writing this post in the cutest hotel/bed and breakfast I’ve ever been to!! It is one of the closest locations to the Steens Mountain Wilderness. David and I have been planning this trip for about 5 months now, and suddenly got colds and had a cold front hit Oregon!

 We were so close to canceling the trip when david decided we were going and we just have to figure out a way to stay warm. So here we are, the Frenchglen Hotel in Frenchglen, OR. 

When we pulled into town we went on a mini adventure to the Kiger Gorge viewing point in the Steens Mountain Wilderness. When we started the planning for this trip originally we anticipated backpacking around and camping along the way, we had no idea what we were getting into!!

The Steens Mountain Wilderness is one of the most incredible places in Easter Oregon. It has some of the most dramatic geological scars in the area. Tomorrow we plan to scope the area a little more, stay tuned for updates on the Steens Wilderness trip!! 

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