Stella & Dot

Hi All,

I have decided to try a new business venture! I have been thinking about this for a while and after careful consideration and speaking to my amazing “mentor” I decided to bite the bullet and jump on board! So, what is this business venture you ask? Well, it is selling Stella & Dot products. Stella & Dot is a super cute, accessory company they sell everything from rings, earrings necklaces and bags to tops and scarves! I love this company, it is perfect for the working lady, that loves to stay up on the trends but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg! Most of the products are under $50 and if you go onto you will get 50% off of your third bracelet! They are having an awesome stack em’ sale!

You can request to host a trunk show, where I will bring samples and you would just provide the friends or wine (your choice!) Or, you can go to the site that is tagged and order online! I will have samples on the way so if you want to just see them, email or text me and I can show you! I am excited/nervous about this decision. I have never tried to sell anything before! But, the reason I chose Stella & Dot is because it is a pressure free environment and its all things I really love, so I thought this could be fun or it could be a bust we will see how my first “investment” goes.

Questions? Please, comment or email!

XoFall_ArmParty_GIF (2).gif

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