Welcome to my blog my Polka Dot Paradise my name is Kelsey Paige and I am a senior going for a Bachelors of Science majoring in Population Health Management. I am minoring in statistics and applied psychology. I am pursuing a career in the medical field. My choice is to do Physician Assistant school, and one day work in an OB/GYN clinic!Here you will find that I talk about some of the things I do to get through the hectic school days, studying tips, and planning tips! My hope is that anyone who is going to school can be inspired to do more then just get by!


I am a firm believer in healthy living. I am not someone who lifts weights or plans every meal, but I do believe in subconscious health. Here you will find lots of tips for recipes, hiking trails and hacks and much more! I’m hoping to give helpful tips for those who enjoy hiking and also give tips on how to balance an active lifestyle that is fun and doesn’t require two hours indoors everyday! Making the healthy choice the easy choice. I am a member of a Blue Zones committee and what we do is we work on policies that will help improve what is available in my community!


Loving yourself is important if you want to lead a happy and healthy life! I will talk about sharing adventures with someone you love as well as loving the adventures you don’t share! I believe in finding yourself before sharing yourself! I will talk about some battles I have gone through during the process of getting to know myself as well as some trips I take/have taken. I hope you will find all this gibberish inspiring!

After all that I hope you find this blog overall inspiring, because I have been inspired by the blogs I read. I have learned many tips and hacks from blogs I follow, and have some tips I have yet to see up on a blog. Please feel free to subscribe to my page and share who you are!



Kelsey Paige